• Flipital is the world's largest and fastest growing global digital mobile magazine store and newsstand. Launched on June 16, 2011, Flipital presents a unique model to publishers that makes it easy for them to offer digital editions of their magazines thus making it even easier for readers to enjoy them.

Flipital is the only self-service newsstand that offers publishers a host of special tools that simplifies the digital publishing process.

Flipital has to its credit the patented Orey Click Publishing System which has facilitated the move from print to digital for publication houses all around the globe. Pushing boundaries with technology and staying perseverant to the cause of digital publishing, a world-class reading experience is what Flipital gives its users.

Readers can browse, preview and purchase magazines of their choice with a single touch. When you make a purchase a magazine on Flipital , you can read it on any 5 of your favorite smart devices. And that's not all; when publishers embed bonus video and audio content in their digital editions, Flipital brings it to you—right inside the magazine! As you flip through the pages, click on the link in the article and move right into HD video at its best. Enter a contest, take a poll, or follow an interesting website, all without leaving the issue.

Flipital is the ultimate way to browse, buy, and read periodicals on your tablet or smartphone, whether it is Apple (iPad/iPhone/iPod) or Android (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak, Google Nexus-S, etc.), Windows 8 or just online on the web using your browser at Other mobile versions of Flipital – for BlackBerry, Symbian, and BADA—are being developed. Flipital also is available on storefronts like the Amazon App Store and Huawei App Store among others.


Embedded Audio Hotspot
Embed audio that plays automatically or only when users select to hear it.
One example would be an audio clip in your own voice with music and sound effects to enhance your presentation. This creates a more personal relationship with your audience while leaving them in control of their experience so they’re more likely to pay attention to what you’re saying.

Embedded Video Hotspots
Embed video that plays automatically or only when users select to view it. Users tap an icon to play a video right on topic, anywhere you like. So, rather than having to say everything in one long video, you can create shorter more highly targeted videos and those who choose to play them are much more likely to watch them through to the end.

Streaming Video

Link to YouTube and Vimeo videos. Your buttons can also link to YouTube, Vimeo and any other streaming video service. You can integrate these web videos seamlessly into your presentation so your users never feel like they’ve left your app.


Play slideshows automatically or only when users select them – and you can import the PowerPoint slideshows you’ve already created or directly import a collection of images and display them in sequence. You can also offer users the option of playing PowerPoint slideshows, so you can take advantage of your in-house expertise in creating engaging slideshows, leveraging your existing skillset (you can also import any PowerPoint slideshows you’ve already created). A TPP app acts like a publishing powerhouse for all your existing content so you can reach new markets with the print media you’ve already produced.


Article Viewer

Present users with the option to view specific articles in addition to your standard material, if they choose.
Give your users sharable access to specific articles they can choose to suit their interest, let them select easy-to-read large text, zoom in and zoom out, and share these articles with others on their mobile devices.
Tap some text to load the article viewer. One-button access right in the middle of viewing something they’re interested in… or they wouldn’t be viewing it…


Publish in multiple languages in one app. Seamless navigation between languages and also the option to present different content based on device language setting.
You can expand your reach internationally to tap additional markets by publishing in multiple languages.


Once a user has downloaded one of your publications they can search through it for specific information. Your users will find this quicker and easier than visually scanning hard copy.
Users can even search all your publications, even if they haven’t downloaded them yet. They will be a lot more likely to find the specific information they’re looking for in what you’ve posted and a lot less likely to overlook key points that have special relevance for them.


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